With Great Mercy

Finding hope when you have trigeminal neuralgia and other types of pain

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About the Book

When everything else failed, Kathy Gilbert's faith in God sustained her in the midst of her battle with tremendous pain. Kathy believes that everyone has a survival story, a story that deserves to be told. Let With Great Mercy help you to recognize God's role in your own survival and provide you with a easy and quick format to document your own story.

With Great Mercy

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From the Back Cover

We all know that life is unpredictable. People who have illnesses know painfully well this truth: one morning you may wake up as usual, but by the end of the day life as you knew it has changed forever into a battle for survival. Kathy Gilbert was living a normal and vibrant life until one morning she awoke to severe pain on the right side of her face. The electrocution-like pains of trigeminal neuralgia – a disorder dubbed “the suicide disease” for the unbearable pain it inflicts – would torment her for the next seven years of her life. This is not merely a story about pain and healing. It is the story of one of child of God’s spiritual battle for true faith and a closer relationship with her Lord. Despite the excruciating pain she was experiencing, Taylor held fast to God’s truths and pressed on for the miraculous. Let her incredible journey inspire you in your own walk through the valleys of life to draw close to God no matter what the cost.

Words of Praise for With Great Mercy

With Great Mercy is a provocative story of real life intersecting with God’s Word. Kathy invites the reader to observe both suffering and faith in process. There are no easy answers, just raw courage and deep spirituality.

- Dr. John Kie Vining, Director, Family Ministries, Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee.

I read Ms. Gilbert’s story with a tear in one eye and a gleam in the other, inspired to call upon the Lord in the midst of whatever “pain” I am facing in my life. With Great Mercy should be in the hands of anyone facing chronic pain, whether physical or emotional.

- Scott Philip Stewart, PhD, Founding Director, CarePoint Ministries.