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January 27, 2011

Hair appointments: protecting your neck

shampoo bowlHave you noticed that your facial, jaw, or neck pain increases after a visit to the hairdresser? If so, you may have issues with the shampoo bowl. Years ago, I began to notice that it caused my trigeminal nerve to respond in a negative manner. Even after I stopped having pain caused by trigeminal neuralgia, I noticed that putting my head back into the bowl caused my neck and jaw to hurt.

There's a solution. Some hairdressers have shampoo bowl neck rests. They buy them from professional suppliers for approximately twenty-five dollars. They "pillow" works quite well for me. If I go to someone who does not have a cushion, I stand up, face the bowl and put my head in it, avoiding the backward flexion that spurs pain.

If you'd like to buy your own neck rest, I've seen them on Amazon.com. Maybe I should buy one, but instead, I think I'll give my mom a shout-out. She's a retired hairdresser who colors and cuts my hair at home. Thanks, Mom!

Here's to happy necks, faces, and jaws.

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