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October 27, 2010

Did yesterday's barometric pressure cause your pain to spike?

with great mercyYesterday my dentist's office called to confirm a cleaning for me, giving me 48 hours notice. I'm a "special needs" dental patient. People who have facial pain or jaw pain knows what that means. We can't always make it to our appointments because prolonged opening of our jaws isn't a good idea. Or perhaps we need our dentist to make an accommodation for us.

When the call came in, I said I'd be there. But I just called to reschedule. It's all about the weather.

Yesterday I took my mother to Jacksonville for a medical appointment. We commented on the fact that the temperature was projected to climb to 91. It seemed unlikely because the morning was soft and breezy, with a nice cloud cover. Nice? Yes. It was a long, humid, hot, steamy summer.

The day got warmer, but there was no steam. Mom and I discussed the fact that it didn't seem so hot. As we were leaving Jacksonville, my jaw began to hurt deep within its condyles. By the time I got home, the pain had intensified quite a bit,  ripping into my ear and down my neck. My right jaw felt as though it wanted to lock shut. I incresed my Baclofen (a prescription muscle relaxer), according to my doctor's instructions, and it helped.

The weather report showed a huge front, low barometric pressure covering most of the country. "That's it," I told my husband.

Today I have heard from others whose pain was active yesterday. It's good to have an explanation. It doesn't make the pain any lighter, but it helps to know that others can validate our experience and that a scientific cause actually exists.

I am thankful to feel much better today. I'll be talking more about the situation with my jaw later because it has everything to do with forgiveness, procedures gone wrong, and how we cope with practitioners who insist they are right even when their techniques have caused us pain.

Did your pain spike yesterday? Are you better today?

With Great Mercy

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