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October 19, 2010

Another About Face

A couple of weeks ago, I wondered why the blemishes on my forehead, chin, nose, and cheek had not gone away. After all, I'm fifty-something and should be past this stage. I didn't question why I had broken out, considering the amount of stress caused by family illnesses lately. (Plus, I'm having stress caused by a jaw problem, but I'll discuss that in a future entry.) And we've had a Florida summer, hot and humid.

about face I took a good look at the skin eruptions in the magnifying mirror, and I decided it needed to be checked. It looked a little like a bubble. Years ago, a similar bubble on my face had been basal cell carcinoma, something I discuss in With Great Mercy. A couple of days after discovering the blemish, my husband took me to see my dermatologist in Jacksonville.

With a quick glance, my physician diagnosed Rosacea. What? Shouldn't this have occurred when I was younger? Why isn't my face red? The doctor explained that it often shows up in middle age, doesn't necessarily cause redness, and that my mild case could be easily treated. Thankful that the situation was benign and my outbreak in early stages, I took a sample of Finacea and the accompanying literature he offered me. The pamphlet listed some of Rosacea's triggers. Stress is one. Hot, humid weather is another cause. The information given by the makers of Finacea advises people who have the skin irritation to stay away from hot baths, hot tubs, and saunas.

There goes one of my stress relievers, my big tub with jets. Isn't it amazing, how the very things that help us can also harm us?

After using the product a couple of weeks, I've noticed quite an improvement. Being a rehabilitation counselor, I like to read the fine print to see the contraindications. But this time I didn't. I've stayed in the "patient zone" and out of the advocate's area. I really wanted to give the medication a chance. Now that the outbreak is clearing, I'm hoping to be brave enough to read the fine print. The fine print can be like a commercial for a medication, one whose side-effects can frighten a person out of trying it.

After having experienced the pain of trigeminal neuralgia and a terrible jaw issue, I'm thankful the diagnosis wasn't something that required a complex decision. If you would like more information on Rosacea, the Mayo Clinic has some good information

Every day I say a prayer for people who have facial pain. God bless you on your path to healing.

With Great Mercy

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