With Great Mercy

Finding hope when you have trigeminal neuralgia and other types of pain

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August 3, 2007

I call to remembrance my song in the night: I commune with mine own heart: and my spirit made diligent search.  Psalm 77:6  Keith & Tim

Have you ever wanted to hear a song but it was so old that it was no longer available on disc or tape? As an adolescent and a young teen, I enjoyed the music at my church.  I lived in Lakeland, Florida. A talented pianist named Mickey Merritt sang gospel music with his parents and his sister. They often performed a wonderful song written by Rusty Goodman. “Until you’ve known the love of God” was one of my favorites then, and it still is almost 40 years later. The song is simple but powerful.

“Until you’ve known the love of God” went out of print a few years ago, but I kept searching for it. When I was ill with trigeminal neuralgia, I longed to hear this familiar and inspiring song. Finally, I found it on the Internet, recorded by Keith and Tim. I don’t personally know Keith and Tim, but I got their CD.  Now I enjoy their music, and I thank God that they recorded this gem.  Here are the words:

If you could own all the world and its money,
Build castles tall enough to reach the sky above;
If you could know everything there was to know about life’s game,
Yet you’ve known nothing until you’ve known God and His love.

Until you’ve know the loving hand that reaches down to a fallen man
And lifts him up from out of sin where he has trod;
Until you’ve known just how it feels to know that God is really real,
Then you’ve known nothing until you’ve known the love of God.

In if your lifetime you could meet everybody, 
And you could call every name from here to yon;
But if you’ve not come face to face with Jesus and His saving grace,
Then you’ve known no one until you’ve known God and His love.

Through God’s grace, I have had the opportunity to experience His amazing love. I have come face to face with God’s mercy and with Jesus’ saving grace.

I listen to “Until you’ve known the love of God” almost every day, and it thoroughly blesses me. If you are interested in this song, you can find Keith and Tim’s website through our links page. If you are looking for God, Jesus is the one and only link. The greatest love one can ever know is just a prayer away.

With Great Mercy

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