With Great Mercy

Finding hope when you have trigeminal neuralgia and other types of pain

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April 28, 2007

Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort. 2 Corinthians 1:3

Red RobeWhen I was out of town for my internship, my family noticed that my dog, Miss Taylor, often slept on the closet floor. I felt bad about being away from her, so I wanted to provide her with as much comfort as I could. I have a red robe that has a lot of texture to it, and Miss Taylor would lie on it if I tossed it on the floor. I put it on the floor of our closet, and this place became Miss Taylor's favorite spot.

On the way for her final appointment with the veterinarian, I stacked some towels next to my dog with the red robe on top. I wanted it to be unsoiled so I could wrap her in it as we went inside the vet's office. Although she seemed extremely weak, Miss Taylor kept reaching with her paw for the robe. For a moment or two I resisted. I just did not want the robe to get soiled. Then I realized I could not deny her its comfort. I spread the robe underneath her, and Miss Taylor remained on it until she was released from her suffering.

We brought the red robe home, placed it back in the floor of the closet, and allowed our other little dogs to examine it. They seem to understand what has transpired. Their presence comforts us, and my family and I comfort them in return.

Yesterday I was exhausted. I lay down for a nap, but sleep would not come. I tried to pray, but words would not form. I thought of the red robe, but I knew that an inanimate object would not provide solace for me. Finally I asked the Lord to comfort me, to help me feel as though His very arms were around me. Soon I was asleep.

The slumber was deep, and I began to experience restoration. The Lord answered my prayer. When I awakened I felt comforted, as though I had been caressed by my Savior.  

Reach out for Jesus' scarlet robe. Just as Jesus lives on after His crucifixion, the scarlet robe remains alive. It has been transfigured. No longer a tool of mockery, the scarlet robe shed its disgrace and symbolizes the crimson blood of Jesus. It is the blood of Jesus that covers us, cleansing us from our sins, protecting us from destruction, and delivering our Heavenly Father's tender mercies to us.

Don't be afraid to let the Lord know how much you need His comfort. No matter how ill or "soiled" we might be, Jesus' crimson blood has the power to sustain us.

With Great Mercy

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